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Dominic Mann is a director of photography and video producer with over 10 years experience shooting national television, corporate films and documentary material.

Dominic has extensive international experience leading projects in a variety of locations including Japan, India, Turkey, Poland, France and throughout the United Kingdom.  He has taught film-making workshops for high-school aged students in International schools in Turkey and India and in addition has overseen documentary productions for educational nonprofit and nongovernmental work in India including programming focused on poverty reduction through female education in Kolkata, India.

For five years he led London-based production company SFM Digital, as creative director and director of photography.

Since moving to the US, he has been working closely with Washington, DC nonprofits, institutions and TV stations, producing high quality, original films to meet their video and storytelling needs.

Recently he has worked with Life Pieces to Masterpieces, a Washington DC organization that helps young men overcome personal challenges through mentorship and leadership development to ensure educational success, to document and promote their services for fund-raising potential.

He is a part of the film-based creative collective The Lookout DC, located in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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